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2019 Election Results: Gnadt-Rowley Re-Elected; Bond Proposal Rejected

Board Members Re-Elected

Amy Gnadt and Kelly Rowley have been re-elected to the Allen ISD Board of Trustees.  Both candidates were unopposed in the May 4 election but the appointment for another three-year term was not official until the election results were finalized.

Allen ISD Bond Proposal Rejected By Voters

Voters have rejected the 2019 Allen ISD bond proposition. Results from the May 4 election and early voting showed that 47.16% ( 3,893 votes) voted in support of the proposition and 52.84% ( 4,463 votes ) voted against the bond proposition.

The Allen ISD Board of Trustees called for the $422.8 million bond proposal in February based upon recommendations from the Project SOAR community group.  The proposal would have funded a number of school renovations, improvements and upgrades over the next six years. 

“I am disappointed that the bond proposal was rejected by voters,” said John Montgomery, president of the Allen ISD Board of Trustees. “We respect the results of the election and will be working with our community to better understand their concerns.”

 “Over the past few months I have had the opportunity to speak with thousands of Allen parents and community members,” Niven added. We had some great conversations about our schools and I plan to continue that dialogue and create a plan that is more acceptable to our community.”