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Legislature Ends Session with Changes to Public Education

The 86th session of the Texas Legislature ended on Monday, May 28, with several bills pertaining to education issues being passed and sent to Gov. Greg Abbott for signing.

  • HB1, the state's two-year budget plan calls for spending roughly $250 billion on priorities including public school funding, teacher salaries and early childhood intervention programs, says the Texas Tribune.
  • SB2 will require voter approval when local governments want to increase their property tax revenues by more than 3.5 percent if signed by Gov. Abbott, the Texas Tribune reports. 
  • According to the Texas Tribune, HB3 overhauls the Texas public school finance system. It aims to increase per-student funding, expand pre-K offerings and lessen the state's reliance on "Robin Hood" payments from wealthier schools. The measure also includes pay raises for veteran teachers and other school employees.
  • Two other bills, one to improve school safety and another to shore up the state’s teacher pension fund also passed.

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