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Allen ISD Board of Trustees Votes Unanimously to Call for Bond Election in November

Allen ISD Board of Trustees Votes Unanimously to Call for Bond Election in November

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The Allen ISD Board of Trustees unanimously voted on August 10 to send a bond proposal to voters on the November 3, 2020 general election ballot. The total cost of the bond proposal is $222,085,000 and will be presented to voters in four separate ballot propositions. 

“As a school district, we recognize the current environment regarding COVID-19. In our Allen ISD community, we understand the importance of focusing on the future of our schools,” said Robin Bullock, Allen ISD Superintendent. “Election Day is in November, but approved bonds would not be sold right away. Instead, an approval from the voters would grant the Board of Trustees the authorization to sell bonds when necessary. The Board can consider the economic outlook, market rates, and project timelines before selling any bonds.”

A breakdown of the four bond propositions include:

  • Proposition A ($189.3 million): School Facilities and Capital Projects
  • Proposition B ($7.2 million): Athletic Updates
  • Proposition C ($515,000): Tennis Court Remediation
  • Proposition D ($25 million): Technology Updates

Proposition A includes renovations at several campuses (elementary schools Evans, Chandler, Boon, Ereckson Middle School, and several wings at Allen High School), the purchase of new school buses, security camera upgrades and additions, waterproofing and roofing work at several campuses, first-responder communication systems, wireless network infrastructure, and more. 

Proposition B includes athletic track resurfacing (Lowery and AHS Track Stadium), and athletic turf replacement (Curtis, AHS Track Stadium, Lowery, and Eagle Stadium). Please note that the Lowery turf and track were not replaced when the Lowery stadium seating was replaced last year. The proposition also includes an athletic field equity update at Ford Middle School. Ford is the only AISD middle school without a track or artificial turf.

Proposition C is for remediation of the tennis courts at Allen High School. The tennis courts are used by students and are open to the Allen community, and the remediation would provide resurfacing, civil work, and storage solutions. Because the courts are viewed as a recreational facility, a new state law requires it to be separated into its own proposition.

Proposition D includes three line-items: wireless devices (example: laptops, Chromebooks, and tablets) for students, wireless devices for staff, and desktop computers and print devices. It should be noted that Allen ISD sells bonds that mature at varying times. Allen ISD sells bonds to match the expected lifespan of the technology device.

The total bond package was recommended by Project Kids for the Board’s consideration on July 27, 2020. This nearly 80-member citizen committee assessed and prioritized Allen ISD’s current and long-term facility and capital project needs.

“As a School Board, we took the recommendations of Project Kids to heart. Project Kids carefully considered every item on this bond proposal and even required a supermajority 2/3 voting consensus to move it forward to the final proposal,” said Amy Gnadt, AISD Board of Trustees President. “Following the guidance of Project Kids, the AISD Board of Trustees believes that this is the right bond package to bring forward to the community. It is now in the voters’ hands to decide.”  

The Allen ISD Board of Trustees has lowered the tax rate more than 21 cents since the 2013-2014 school year. If approved by voters, the district’s tax rate will not be raised. More than $600 million of new properties, both commercial and residential, are expected to be added to the tax rolls this year, allowing the AISD Board to maintain the tax rate while adding a new bond proposal and paying down the principal on existing bonds. All bond dollars are kept within the district and are not subject to recapture/Robin Hood laws.

More information about the 2020 Allen ISD Bond will be shared with the community leading up to Election Day through a bond webpage, FAQs, and both in-person and virtual bond informational meetings. Click here to view a detailed project list for each ballot proposition.