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Geothermal Wells to Boost Boon Efficiency

An unusual amount of dirt work during the renovation of Boon Elementary School has some wondering just what is going on.

The answer is simple: Geothermal wells were dug to help with energy efficiency. The wells allow the air conditioning system to take advantage of the naturally occurring difference between the above-ground air and the subsurface soil temperature to more efficiently heat and cool the school building.

All of the work – inside and out -- is part of the renovation for Boon Elementary School funded by the 2020 bond package.

The underground geothermal will provide an energy-efficient heat reservoir. This, coupled with the ground source heat pump system that provides heating and cooling to the building, will keep Boon comfortable year-round while using a fraction of the energy required by traditional heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. The addition of the geothermal wells is expected to save between 30 and 35 percent in utility costs.

The wells are now covered and grass will be placed over the dirt as the campus nears the end of the renovation.

For more on this and other bond package updates, check out the district newsletter.