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Allen High School Honors Graduates at Annual Top Ten Dinner

The Allen High School Top Ten Dinner was recently held at the Blú Restaurant. This event is a celebration of the top ten students in the graduating class, who invite their parents and acknowledge a teacher who has had a significant impact on their academic journey.

This dinner is made possible by the generous support of Mrs. Mary Evans, the namesake of Evans Elementary School. This event is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the students, as well as the unwavering support of their families and the exceptional educators who have guided them along the way. 

The top ten students and their guests include:

#1 - Rhea Kanuparthi
Parents: Puspita Mishra and Goutham Kanuparthi
Teacher: Ahmed Belmir

#2 - Rishi Gandikota
Parents: Sirisha Kuchimanchi and Ram Gandikota
Teacher: Greg Burnham

#3 - Isabelle Pan
Parents: Camille Fu and Shanchung Pan
Teacher: Jennifer Bost

#4 - Veda Kutagula
Parents: Chaitanya Katterapalli and Vinay Kutagula
Teacher: Cyndi Kelly

#5 - Allyson Chen
Parents: Hong Li and Weisheng Chen
Teacher: Beau Wells

#6 - Maryanne Park
Parents: Soyoun and Gyoungwon Park
Teacher: Hiedi Hughes

#7 - Neil Thakkar
Parents: Hetal and Shital Thakkar
Teacher: Shelly Holmes

#8 - Sanjana Kishore
Parents: Sowmiya Venkiteswaran and Kishore Krishnamurthy
Teacher: Jose Salas

#9 - Samuel Tsao
Parents: Grace and Steve Tsao
Teacher: Ashley Weller


#10 - Navya Nanda
Parents: Litun Mishra and Satyakam Nanda
Teacher: Kathryn Zetterstrom