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New Traffic Flow Continues

This is an extremely exciting time for Lowery. With this excitement we will definitely experience some growing pains. The first challenge (opportunity for growth) will come with traffic. We are aware of the current issues with traffic and always encourage students to arrive early to avoid the issues, but we know that is often impossible!
Please understand that several current options will be changing.
1. Buses will now be staged along the north side of the building continuing around the corner on the east for quick load/unload but will be limited due to the construction fencing surrounding the current north parking lot.
2. Parents will no longer be able to turn right from the east parking lot at the Old Eagle Stadium. All east side parent drop offs will have to exit Main street.
NO TRAFFIC will be able to follow the bus path along the north end of the building.
3. We ask that parents please observe the entire traffic pattern on the east side and follow the line to the far back of that lot.
4. On the detailed map, you will see newly placed barricades to assist with the traffic flow. Please observe these and their purpose. We ask that you do not move them.
5. Buses will be entering from Main Street now instead of Jupiter.
6. No traffic will be allowed to enter off Jupiter to drop off on the north end (by the auditorium) prior to bus arrival or throughout the day. This will prevent any traffic confusion.
Click here for link to the detailed traffic flow map. As we work through these challenges, we will continually communicate with you if we see the need for additional changes and upgrades to the plan.
Thank you again for your understanding and patience as we embark on a fabulous new project for Allen ISD.
Jill Stafford
Lowery Freshman Center