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Lowery Traffic Flow

Traffic Information



  • All travel is one way. Traffic will flow North to South from Pebblebrook around the building to Jupiter as usual.
    • Parents will continue to enter the parking lot from the Pebblebrook entrance only. The parent traffic will continue through the parking lot (by-passing the faculty lot) following the RED traffic line dropping off students on the East side of the building behind the cafeteria. Signage will be posted and staff members will be present to direct students where to enter the building.  
  • Two drop-off & pick-up lanes have been established. The two lanes closest to the curb after making the curve at the north end of the building will be utilized for drop-off & pick-up. The second lane does not begin until after the curve near the practice fields. Please pull all the way forward to allow for as many cars to utilize this space as possible and encourage your student to exit the vehicle quickly. There will be staff members out in the drop-off/pick-up area to assist students and help keep traffic moving. Once you have dropped off or picked up your student, please remain in the established lane to pull forward and exit the campus onto Jupiter Rd.
    • Parent traffic will continue to follow the RED traffic line to exit the South side of the building near Jupiter.  Allen Police officers will be directing traffic as shown on the map to assist in the flow of traffic.  
      **Keep in mind that the traffic will merge back to one lane moving around the South end of the building.**

  • Far-left lane is for thru traffic only. The far left lane nearest the practice field is to be used for pass-through access to the South parking lot and/or athletic area.
    • For safety purposes, please do not use this lane to drop-off or pick-up your child.

Thank you for your attention to these changes as we continue to adjust things for a more fluid traffic flow.

The traffic map below has been created for the 2021-2022 school year for both morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up. Click the image for a high-resolution version (3.29 MB, jpg):

A map of the new traffic flow pattern for the new Lowery Freshman Center.

We truly appreciate your help in establishing the pattern for this year.
Jill Stafford
Principal, Lowery Freshman Center