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Trail Safety Tips




  • All trail users should keep to the right side of the path, except to pass.


  • When traveling side-by-side, stay on the right half of the path.


  • Faster trail users (like bicycle riders) should yield to slower users. “Wheels Yield to Heels.”


  • Always travel at a safe speed, and watch out for others. Riding a bicycle at high speeds on our narrow, crowded trail is never safe.


  • Pass others on the left. Let slower trail users know you’re coming up behind them by giving an audible warning with a bell, or call out “Excuse me, passing on your left!”


  • Do not pass if there are people coming in the opposite direction. Make sure you have a clear path.


  • Move off the pathway when stopping for any reason.


  • If you choose to ride your bicycle in the grass or dirt, travel at a safe speed. You can easily hit someone who has stepped off the trail to stop.


  • Be careful when crossing streets or the bridge. Look both ways for traffic and make sure the drivers see you, before you cross.