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Our Vision For STEAM


A unique vision inspires STEAM learning for all Allen ISD students. Every elementary and middle school student visits the center at least once annually for an innovative learning experience that stimulates curiosity, creativity, and problem solving. At the same time, up to 500 Allen High School students attend STEAM-related courses at the STEAM Center each period to promote acquisition of future-ready skills.

Courses relating to STEAM have been identified to be offered solely at the STEAM Center for students in high school. Courses selected for the STEAM Center possess learning outcomes that align to the learning environment, consisting of specialized indoor spaces and outdoor site features, and whose enrollment projections align with the capacity of the building. Learning at the STEAM Center connects with the learning environment and promotes acquisition of future-ready skills including collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, communication, and project management. Opportunities for problem- and project-based learning, as well as interdisciplinary learning are embraced. 

Elementary and middle school students visit the STEAM Center for innovative learning experiences connected to STEAM. This learning is implemented through the Engineering Design Process as it connects to grade level standards in STEAM areas. Grade-level teachers accompany the students to the STEAM Center and actively facilitate the designed learning experiences.