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High School Course Offerings



Allen High School STEAM Courses

Courses relating to STEAM have been identified to be offered solely at the STEAM Center for students in Allen High School.


The current school year courses include:



AP Probability & Statistics

Earth & Space Science

Aquatic Science

Environmental Systems

AP Environmental Science

Scientific Research & Design

AP Physics I

AP Physics II

AP Physics C

AP Physics C Mechanics

Interior Design I

Interior Design II

Practicum in Interior Design

Architectural Design I

Architectural Design II

Practicum in Architectural Design

Robotics I 

Robotics II

Principals of Applied Engineering

Engineering Design & Presentation I

Engineering Design & Presentation II

Engineering Design & Problem Solving

AC/DC Electronics

Computer Maintenance

Computer Science I

Computer Science II

Computer Science III

Practicum in Computer Technician

Graphic Design & Illustration I

Graphic Design & Illustration II

Graphic Design & Illustration II Lab

Practicum in Graphic Design & Illustration 

Practicum in STEM


*Note classes are subject to change based on student enrollment.