Minutes: September 23, 2014

Diversity Committee Minutes


Meeting Goals:  Reconvene the committee, review goals, organize, and set stage for upcoming year.

Meeting presentation: http://prezi.com/to-hh_amtunr/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share


What are the benefits of Diversity in the Workplace?

·         Ensures the value of bringing the full self to work (of thought, background, education, and thought). 

·         Inclusive environment to the workforce of our future; and engaging the org; and to speak in relevant ways. 


I.                    Committee Positions/Sources of Contact:  (All report to chairperson, Richard Jordan)

1.       Secretary:  Terry Hill

2.       Elementary Campus/PTA Committee Liaison:  John Holley

3.       Secondary Campus/PTA Committee Liaison:  Alexa Spahr

4.       Fundraising:  Valerie Jones

5.       Website:  Richard Jordan, Daniel Pitcock, Minvi Duncan

6.       Public Relations:  Ken Gregorski

7.       Community Corporate Relations Committee:  Alexa Spahr/Minvi Duncan



II.                  Addressing Diversity Goals:

Goal 1:  Diversity Showcase Event Continued brainstorming of ideas –

·         Cultural History Celebration

·         Diversity Facts for the Month Via PTA or HR newsletter


Proposal:  To gain approval for Showcase Date (tentatively set for MLK, Jr. Day 2015)


Goal 2:  Agreed to maintain – What has been done to present to the parents and community?

Agreed to table the review of action steps for goals 1 and 2 to next meeting time.



III.                Training Opportunity:

Cultural Proficiency Institute Workshop– Oct 15 thru Oct 16 at Collin Community College in Frisco, TX.


Interested participants to contact chairperson.


IV.                Districtwide Highlights/Up-Coming Events:

Celebrate Me Week at Green Elementary

Evans Elementary have over 30 spoken languages.


Next meeting:  November 11th 2014

Meeting Goal:  Address action steps for this year’s goals.