Minutes: May 12, 2015

Meeting Goals:  Review goals, organize, and set stage for upcoming year.

Meeting presentation: http://prezi.com/kdp8vhqg5wxo/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share

 I.                    Recap:

Reading of the previous meeting’s minutes.

 II.                  Updates

1.       Social Media and online presence was discussed

2.       Diversity showcase information on venue and scope

3.       Scholarship information has been shared with the Foundation for Allen Schools office and next steps are being addressed to be a part of the Community Scholarship application.


III.                Review of Diversity Goals:

Goal 1:  Diversity Showcase Event

·      Sub-committee chairperson designated (Becca Penny)

·    Target date  proposed for February 2nd 2016

·      Ideas for content developed


Goal 2:  Increase Allen ISD Diversity Awareness in the community

·         Established a twitter presence and discussed an Instagram presence to meet a younger audience.


IV.                Upcoming Diversity Opportunities:

Texas Diversity Conference:


National Diversity Council Webinars:



V.                  Tentative Dates for next year:

·         September 15th 2015  4:15-5:15pm Location: TBD

·         October 27th 2015  4:15-5:15pm Location: TBD

·         January 12th 2016 4:15-5:15pm Location: TBD

·         April 5th 2016 4:15-5:15pm Location: TBD


VI.                Thankyou / Congratulations

·         Special thankyou to Alexa Spahr for her service to the committee.   She and her husband will be relocating to the Woodlands

·         Congratulations to Becca Penny on the birth of her child.