Minutes: September 29, 2015

Diversity Committee Minutes

9/29/15 Meeting Goal:  Orientation & Organization


Presentation: http://prezi.com/rvqbvj1fvg0r/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share

Mr. Jordan called to order the meeting and gave overview of the program


I. Introduction 

Video presented as a focus for the committee and overall goals for committee was discussed

Committee members present introduced themselves and history with the committee

II.  Vision, Mission and History
Mr. Jordan reviewed vision and mission of the Diversity committee.

Mr. Jordan shared the history of the Diversity committee and asked Mr. Holley and Ms. Penny to share their experience with the committee due to their long standing position on the committee.  Both long term and recent successes were shared and on-going goals were alluded to.


III. Organization and Goals

Mr. Jordan illustrated the current organization and subcommittee leaders and asked for volunteers to fill vacant opportunities including filling in for Secretary who is battling health issues.   Several new committee members volunteered to help wherever they are needed.

Previous year’s goals were reviewed and agreed to be carried forward into this year.  Additional goals for this year were discussed and agreed upon by the group as something to move towards.  These goals were the development of a Diversity related scholarship and a Diversity related district welcome video, similar to Mansfield ISD’s which was given as an example in the presentation.   Action plans for the on-going goals were reviewed.  Special emphasis was given to Planting Seeds of Acceptance website as a possible source for workshop invitees.  Action plans for the new goals were tabled and will be the focus of the upcoming meeting. 


IV. Future Dates 

Meeting dates for the year were shared and stated that subcommittee leaders could call additional organization meetings if needed.

Next Meeting: Wednesday November 18th with a goal of developing action plans for new agreed goals.