Minutes: November 18, 2015

Diversity Committee Minutes



Meeting Presentation: http://prezi.com/fz3fiyd86vo6/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share



Present members introduced themselves to the group. Some new members were present.


The minutes from the previous meeting were reviewed.


Updates since last meeting were shared. These included additions of religious and cultural observances to the diversity calendar. There were first steps taken on the creation of the new Diversity Video. Becca Penny and Richard Jordan have been working with the appropriate people at the PAC getting logistics figured out for the Diversity Showcase Event.


Committee's goals were reviewed for the year:


1.   Creating & Hosting a Diversity Showcase

2.   Development of a district video highlighting diversity in Allen ISD

3.   Increase knowledge & awareness of diversity in the Allen community


The committee broke up into sub-groups to discuss and develop action steps to address each of the three goals.


The sub-groups shared out their action steps for each goal:


1.    Creating a Diversity Showcase:

·        Postponing the showcase possibly to late Spring due to logistics

·        Trimming back for scope of the event this year to keep the showcase realistic and district focused for this first year

·        Becca Penny will continue to work with the appropriate people to continue planning for the event


2.   District Diversity Video:

·        The sub-group thought about what they think it should highlight and what they want the message to be

·        Each member will choose ten kids that they will work with at their grade level to do a theme of “a day in the life of a student in Allen ISD…” showing the diversity present in Allen through the students’ eyes

·        Justin Spies will head up the elementary point of view, Chris Koder for middle school, and Meghan Klement and Gregg Naranjo for high school


3.   Increase knowledge & awareness of diversity in the Allen community:

·        Increase the usage of the Twitter hashtag, #AllenISDdiversity

·        Create a letter to be shared at principal meeting so principals can share the hashtag with teachers so as they are tweeting, they can also highlight diversity in Allen ISD

·        Create an AllenISD Diversity Twitter Handle i.e. @AllenISDDiversity.  In addition to the #AllenisdDiversity currently being used.   Committee members will share the responsibility of logging into account and sending out tweets that highlight significant religious and culture events happening in our world and community.

·        In the future, creating a Allen ISD Diversity Facebook page

·        Research what other districts are doing to increase awareness of Diversity in their districts to incorporate other ideas


Mr. Jordan brought the meeting to a close by sharing the future meeting dates: January 20th, 2016 & April 6th, 2016 Administration building rm 223 4:15pm-5:15pm