November 16, 2015 Board Meeting Summary

Eight Students Named To Congressional Youth Advisory Council

Eight Allen High School students have been appointed to U.S. Rep. Sam Johnson’s Congressional Youth Advisory Council (CYAC). The students are: Omar Amir; Colleen Blahnik; Worsham Bryant; Regan Butler; Josephine Kimbrough; Miriam Laeky; Carson Leung; and John Payne.

The students, and 79 others from the Third Congressional District, were selected by a community board to serve on the council because of their outstanding leadership skills, academic performance, extra-curricular activity participation and community service. Rep. Johnson created the CYAC in 2004 to gain insight from Third District students and to inspire civic-minded young people to achieve their full potential.

Allen ISD Health Clinic Proposal

Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Ken Gregorski, presented a proposal to create an Allen ISD employee health clinic.  The idea for a clinic was generated from the school district strategic planning committee earlier this year.

A district committee has been studying different approaches to an employee health clinic.  The clinic would be used as a tool to address rising health costs, to encourage employee and family wellness, to reduce costs for employees and to decrease absenteeism.  The clinic would be a minor care clinic meaning that it would not include a pharmacy or lab.  It would be staffed by a physician's assistant or LPN.  The clinic would address minor conditions and provide vaccinations.  Office visits would be $10 and there would be no billing insurance.

Two models that are being examined are: build and staff our own clinic or form a partnership with an existing facility/clinic to separately serve our employees.  Both options are currently being studied although the partnership model would be significantly more expensive because of the startup costs. Gregorski also discussed the program serving all employees and their families although no decisions have been made.
The presentation was for information only and no decision was made by the Board.  Additional study will conducted.

Board Approves Bond Election Results

The Board approved results from the November 3, 2015 bond election.  The election results, which were certified by the Collin County Elections Office,  showed 5,179 votes for and 1,727 votes against the bond proposal.

Board Sets Parameters For Bond Sales

On November 3, 2015, the Allen ISD voters approved an authorization for the Allen ISD School Board of Trustees to issue up to $272,580,000 in bonds to fund multiple capital projects. The first bond sale is planned to occur in January 2016 to provide funds to quickly begin project construction.

The Board of Trustees approved an Order Authorizing the Issuance of the Bonds that contained certain parameters to allow the Superintendent or his designee the authority to go to market when certain conditions are met. The parameters are listed in Section 3 of the Bond Order and consist of the following:

· Delegate as Pricing Officers: Superintendent or Chief Financial Officer;
· the aggregate original principal amount of the Bonds shall not exceed


· the true interest cost rate of the Bonds shall not exceed 4.75%;

· and, the final maturity of the Bonds shall not exceed February 15, 2041.

The delegation within this Order shall expire if not exercised by the Pricing Officer within 180 days of the adoption of this Order. The Pricing Officer may exercise such delegation on more than one occasion during such time period.

The projects to be funded or partially funded by this first sale include:

New Elementary School - #18
New Lowery Freshman Center
New STEM Center
Allen High School Renovations
Technology Network Upgrades
Renovation of Bolin Elementary School
Allen High School Fine Arts Multi-Purpose Room Turf Fields for Baseball and Softball

The Board approved the recommendation.


Professional Services Contract For Architectural and Engineering Services

The Board approved the contract for Architectural and Engineering Services for the following projects: (New Elementary School - #18, New Lowery Freshman Center, New STEM Center, Allen High School Renovations, Technology Network Upgrades, Renovation of Bolin Elementary School, Allen High School Fine Arts Multi-Purpose Room Turf Fields for Baseball and Softball) with STB Architects & Planners, Inc. to be compensated at 6% of the final cost of construction and proto-typical or repeat projects (Elementary School No. 18) will be compensated at 4.75% of the final cost of construction. 

GATE (Gifted and Talented Education Academy) Funding Proposal For 2015-16

A committee was formed to explore the possibility of opening an elementary GT Academy at one of our lower enrollment elementary campuses that would provide alternate service options for GT students. Startup costs would be obtained from either existing bond funds or fund balance. Recurring costs would be included in the 16-17 annual budget. The Board approved creation of the GATE Academy at Vaughan Elementary School in the Fall of 2016 with startup costs for this program not to exceed $250,000.

The next regular meeting of the Board of Trustees will be held on Monday December 16 at 7:30 p.m. in the Allen City Council Chambers.