November 20, 2019 Board Meeting Summary

Board Recognizes Outstanding Faculty & Staff

TASBO Financial Award

Allen ISD Chief Financial Officer Greg Cartwright was recognized by the Texas Association of School Business Officials for completing requirements to earn the Registered Texas School Business Administrator certificate. The RTSBA certification is earned through a combination of coursework, experience and training in the school finance field. 

Employees of the Month

Each month, the Allen ISD Human Resources Department recognizes one elementary teacher, one secondary teacher, and two district employees (anyone other than a classroom teacher) as the Employees of the Month. The monthly recognitions are sponsored by The Foundation For Allen Schools and Credit Union of Texas.

The Board of Trustees was proud to recognize the following honorees:

  • Elementary Teacher of the Month: Kristi Hutchison at Lindsey Elementary.
  • Secondary Teacher of the Month: Kelly Jacobson at Curtis Middle School.
  • Employee of the Month: Rhonda Bernard, Instructional Coach at Marion and Reed elementary schools. 
  • Employee of the Month: Jose Madrigal in the Maintenance Department


Board Holds Public Hearing on Campus Improvement Plan

The Board of Trustees held a public forum to discuss the campus improvement plan for the 2019-2020 school year at Boyd Elementary. The Texas Education Code §39A.055(3) requires campuses engaged in formal intervention processes to submit a Targeted Improvement Plan to the Board of Trustees for approval. The Texas Education Code §39A.057 requires the Board of Trustees to conduct a public hearing to notify the public of performance of campuses engaged in formal intervention processes as defined by the Texas Education Agency and to solicit public comment on the Targeted Improvement Plans for the identified campuses.

  • Interventions focused on continuous improvement are required for campuses with an accountability identification of:
    an overall rating of F, an overall rating of D, or any Domain rating of a D under state accountability. 

  • in need of Comprehensive Support and Improvement, Targeted Support and Improvement, or Additional Targeted Support and Improvement under federal accountability.

Campuses that are required to engage in interventions will conduct a needs assessment, develop a Targeted Improvement Plan, and implement and monitor the Targeted Improvement Plan.

Boyd Elementary has been identified for required interventions in the 2019-2020 school year based on 2019 state and federal accountability designations.  The full campus improvement plan is available in the Board Book.


Board Receives CTE Strategic Plan Update

Daniel Soliz, Director of Career and Technical Education, updated the Trustees on the strategic plan for the CTE Department. Soliz shared that a comprehensive audit of the department occurred in the summer of 2019 by the Career and Technical Association of Texas. From there, a 3-year strategic plan was created to address identified areas for growth outlined in the audit results.


Board Receives Update on Bond Refunding

Greg Cartwright, Chief Financial Officer, updated the Board on the recent 2019 Taxable Advance Bond Refunding transaction, a historical summary of the District’s bond refundings over the last 10 years, and a summary of the District’s debt service obligation - both current and the next 2 years. His full presentation is available in the Board Book.


Board Receives Legislative Update

Deron Robinson, General Counsel, and Dr. Maroba Zoeller, Chief Governmental Affairs Officers, provided the Trustees with an update on legislative issues. Specifically, they discussed the major components of HB3 (the school funding bill) and the impact it will have on Allen ISD. 


Board Approves Resolution to Vote for CCAD Board of Directors position

The Board of Trustees approved a resolution to cast 349 votes for Gary Rodenbaugh to serve as a member of the Board of Directors for the Collin Central Appraisal District for a two-year term beginning on January 1, 2020.

The Board shall participate in the election of the board of directors of the appraisal district or districts as provided by law. Texas Tax Code 6.03(a). Allen ISD has 349 votes to cast in the election of the Board of Directors for the Collin Central Appraisal District (CCAD). At the September 2019 Board meeting, the Board nominated Gary Rodenbaugh to serve on the Board of Directors. Each voting unit must vote in an open meeting, report its vote by written resolution, and submit it to the Chief Appraiser by December 14, 2019. Each unit may cast all its votes for one candidate or distribute the votes among any number of candidates listed. There is no provision for write-in candidates.


Trustees Approve Purchase of Wide Area Network

The Board of Trustees approved an expenditure not to exceed $676,392 for phase 1 and 2 of the wide area network (WAN) plan with Region 10 Education Service Center to be paid in four yearly installments.

In 2018, the Region 10 Education Service Center (ESC) established the Region 10 Fiber Network Consortium for the purpose of providing a regional fiber infrastructure for broadband enhancement and competitively priced internet access to all region 10 school districts. This initiative will provide a reliable and resilient, carrier class fiber infrastructure that is cost effective and able to scale to meet each district’s short and long-term bandwidth needs. At that time, Allen ISD elected to join this initiative and we are now seeking to leverage the buying power of the Region 10 consortium.

In preparation for the renovation of the Administration Annex and buildout of the new datacenter, we have begun the process of relocating our current datacenter services to our Disaster Recovery and STEAM center locations. This process also includes redesigning and adding to our existing wide area network (WAN) which connects all campuses to the datacenter and out to the internet. This will benefit us by ensuring that all services and applications necessary for instruction and business operations will remain online throughout the renovation process.

The District has consulted with the Region 10 ESC and Zayo Networks to establish a phased approach to this WAN redesign and implementation.
During phase one, the following locations will be connected to a new 40Gb WAN fiber ring:

  • Allen HS
  • Lowery Freshman Center
  • Ereckson Middle School
  • Norton Elementary
  • Preston Elementary
  • Story Elementary
  • Administration Annex (Connected after completed renovations)
  • Stadium DR Site
  • STEAM Center
  • 10Gb Internet Connection added to the STEAM Center

During phase two, a 10Gb connection will be added to the primary data center. Additionally, a secondary fiber connection to the 40Gb WAN fiber ring will be added to the STEAM center location and a 10Gb connection will be added to the primary data center. This is to ensure high availability to network resources in the event of a fiber cut during the renovation of the primary datacenter.

During phase three, the remaining campuses will individually be connected to the 40Gb WAN fiber ring. The existing connection for these campuses have been rerouted to the DR location and they will access the 40Gb WAN fiber ring through that site until they are cut over during phase three.

This redesign will allow us to add resiliency and redundant paths to each District location to increase network availability, bandwidth, and uptime. The work for phases one and two was planned for the renovation of the Annex at a special construction cost not to exceed $676,391.73. The monthly recurring costs for phases 1 and 2 which include the 40Gb WAN ring and the 10Gb internet connection will be $1,020 and $2,100 respectively. The plan for phase 3 is to add each of the remaining locations to the 40Gb WAN ring by June 30, 2022, when our current fiber lease agreement with Unite Private Networks (UPN) ends. The estimated one-time construction cost for phase 3 is $1,200,000. 

By changing all of our sites from UPN to Region 10 fiber, it is estimated that the District could see operational savings around $300,000 annually.


Board Approves Purchase of 6 Special-Needs School Buses

The Board of Trustees approved the Total Probable Cost of $150,000, including the use of the 1GPA Cooperative Purchasing Agreement, Contract #17-18DP-03 to engage Hellas Construction, Inc., for $120,000 for the Curtis Middle School Track Repairs, and related budget amendment.

Allen ISD became aware of cracks and humps forming in the Curtis Middle School track. Due to significant shifts in the ground, it has become necessary for safety reasons to replace portions of the track. This area is approximately 700 linear feet across three lanes of track totaling 5250 sq. ft.

Allen ISD's repair plan is to remove the track and asphalt, treat the subsurface, then reinstall the asphalt and track. The project will begin immediately after Board approval with completion to be before track and field season 2019-2020.

The cost of the track is $120,000 and $30,000 is set aside for contingency.



Next Board Meeting 

The next regular meeting of the Allen ISD Board of Trustees is scheduled for Monday, December 16 at 7 p.m. at Allen City Hall.