September 27, 2017 Board Meeting Summary

Update on STAAR and EOC

Assistant Superintendent for Learner Services Jennifer Wilhelm presented the STAAR and End-of-Course assessment and accountability results to the Board of Trustees.

Based upon their scores, students are now placed into the following performance levels: Did Not Meet Grade Level, Approaches Grade Level, Meets Grade Level, and Masters Grade Level. The percentage of Allen students who reached the Approaches, Meets and Masters levels exceeded the percentage of students in the state who reached those levels in every grade and subject.

In addition, the district and each campus are rated on four indices: Student Achievement, Student Progress, Closing Performance Gaps, and Postsecondary Readiness. Allen ISD and every campus “Met Standard,” the highest available ranking. All secondary campuses and 13 of 17 elementary campuses received one or more distinction designations. For local accountability, the district and all campuses received an overall “exemplary” rating.

Wilhelm also updated the Board on assessment changes made by the state, including the elimination of STAAR A and STAAR L, the redesign of STAAR assessments in grades 3-8, and the aforementioned new labels for STAAR progress measures.

Board Endorses Gary Rodenbaugh For Appraisal District Post

The Board of Trustees nominated Allen resident Gary Rodebaugh to serve on the Collin County Central Appraisal District Board of Directors.

Track Resurfacing at Curtis Middle School Approved

The Board of Trustees approved the district to contract with Hellas to resurface the Curtis Middle School running track. The track, originally constructed in 2010, has a wear layer that typically lasts 5 to 10 years and it has been worn down to the base mat area in many sections. Reapplying the wear layer will help save the base mat and provide many more years of usage. The Board approved the project price of $125,705. The district received the price through the Government Procurement Alliance Cooperative.

Stadium Sealant Maintenance Approved

The Board of Trustees approved the district to contract with SFCC, Inc. to replace the sealant on second-level construction joints in Eagle Stadium. The joints were sealed approximately five years ago with a polyurethane product that typically has a life span from 4-8 years in our UV exposure zone.  The district will remove the old sealant and replace it with a silicone product that typically has a 20-year life span.

The estimated cost of this project is $94,250. The District has an assigned fund balance of $1 million within the General Fund for Future Maintenance / Repairs for Eagle Stadium. Since this project provides maintenance to a product put in place as part of the original stadium construction, administrative staff recommends funding the project using the assigned fund balance.

Expenditure for Engage2Learn Coaches Academy Approved

The Board of Trustees approved the creation and implementation of a campus-based instructional coaching program called Engage2Learn Coaches Academy. Campus-based instructional coaches will serve as a vehicle to strengthen the district’s delivery of professional learning while simultaneously developing a campus culture focused on collaboration and growth. These coaches will be responsible for focusing their work on supporting all teachers in deepening pedagogical practices related to teaching and learning.

The district believes that if teachers are provided with deep, focused professional development around curriculum and content, evidenced-based practices, and ample opportunity for practice, feedback, and reflection, that change in teacher knowledge and instruction will yield improved student success.

Total expenditure for Engage2Learn Coaches Academy for the 2017-2018 fiscal year is $169,200. This expenditure will utilize Title II, Part A funds which is a federal funding source to be used for the purpose to provide professional development for staff in order to improve the quality of the instructional program. The current balance of the 2017-2018 Title II, Part A allotment is $220,564. The coverage will be effective through May 31, 2018.

Next Board Meeting

The next regular meeting of the Allen ISD Board of Trustees will be held Oct. 30, 2017 at 7 p.m. at Allen City Hall.