October 30, 2017 Board Meeting Summary

AP Scholars Honored

The Board of Trustees honored five Allen High School students for being named National AP Scholars. The National AP Scholar designation is granted to students who receive an average score of at least 4 (out of 5) on all Advanced Placement exams taken and scores of 4 or higher on eight or more AP exams.

The National AP Scholars are: Joe Alappat, Catherine Chen, Samantha Cheng, Bidisha Chowdhury and Yici Sun.

Construction update

Assistant Superintendent for Operations Daniel Pitcock and Executive Director of Facilities Brandon Boyter presented a construction update to the Board on numerous projects planned and underway across Allen ISD. Plans for the old Lowery Center demolition and new Dillard Center rebuild were presented to the Board.  Also discussed was the next phase of renovations for Allen High School (phase 3) which includes the library area, administration area, upstairs B Hall and the entry corridor.  Technology refresh work will be done at Boon and Norton Elementary Schools.  Major renovations will be done at Kerr Elementary School this summer.

Projects completed include the competition gymnasium and new lobby area for the gym.  Projects under construction include the new Lowery Center and the STEAM Center.  Both projects are on schedule.

Board approves 2016-2017 audit report

Kirk Evans of Evans, Pingleton & Howard, Inc. presented Allen ISD’s Annual Audit Report for Fiscal Year 2016-2017 to the Board of Trustees. A copy of the report was presented to each Trustee before the meeting. The auditor found no irregularities and presented an unmodified audit.  The Board approved the audit, and a copy of the report will be filed with the Texas Education Agency.

Allen ISD earns “Superior” rating in financial integrity system

Greg Cartwright, AISD Chief Financial Officer, presented the annual FIRST (Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas) report for the fiscal year ending on June 30, 2016.  The extensive report includes data on financial indicators set by the State of Texas for school districts. The FIRST report is posted online on the Allen ISD Financial Transparency web page.

The primary goal of Schools FIRST is to improve the management of school district financial resources. Schools FIRST was developed in consultation with the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, and its development also benefited from the many comments that were received from school district and regional education service center personnel. The Schools FIRST rating is based upon an analysis of staff and student data reported for the school year and actual financial data. For the 2017 Schools FIRST rating (fiscal year 2015-16 results), Allen ISD successfully achieved the highest available rating of “Superior” by obtaining a score of 96 out of a possible 100 points from the 15 measurement indicators. 

Students allowed to job shadow with Allen Police Department

The Board approved an interlocal agreement between Allen ISD and the City of Allen to allow students in the Law Enforcement Pathway Program to participate in job shadowing with Allen Police Department staff and officers. The shadowing will be a part of the practicum for the Law Enforcement courses.

Board approves one-time payment for permanent employees

The Administration recommended and the Board approved a one-time payment to permanent employees who were employed with Allen ISD on October 1, 2017 and still employed with Allen ISD as of the date of the payment. The one-time lump sum payment is to be paid in 2017 as a separate payment.

  • Permanent full-time employees: $500
  • Permanent part-time employees: $250

The total cost of the one-time payment is $1,275,987.

Board approves resolution to establish a culture of voting

Superintendent Dr. Scott Niven and Chief Governmental Relations Officer Dr. Maroba Zoeller presented a resolution to create a culture of voting and encourage maximum participation by district employees and eligible students in the election process.

The Board approved the resolution and authorized the district to take steps necessary to support a culture of voting that may include:

  • Creating District communications that inform employees and eligible students of the importance of voting;
  • Creating District communications that inform employees and eligible students about when and where they may vote;
  • Creating District communications that encourage employees to participate in voter pledge programs (such as http://texaseducatorsvote.com);
  • Creating District communications that encourage employees to use third-party tools to learn about candidates’ positions on public education (such as TeachTheVote.org);
  • Conducting campus or Districtwide assemblies that promote a culture of voting;
  • Implementing administrative procedures that provide time during the early voting period for employees to vote;
  • Implementing no-cost incentives to promote voter participation, such as permitting employees with an “I Voted” sticker to wear jeans; and,
  • Encouraging District and/or campus coordination with volunteer organizations, such as the PTA/PTO or retired educators groups, to encourage and facilitate the District’s efforts to create a culture of voting.

Collin College to build Dual Credit Center for AISD students

The Board approved an interlocal agreement between Allen ISD and Collin College that will lead to the construction of a designated Allen ISD Dual Credit Center. AISD will make a payment to Collin College to fund the construction of the center which will be located on the site of the soon-to-be-built Collin Country Community College Tech Center. Allen ISD students will have exclusive use of the Dual Credit Center for a term of 50 years.

The facility, which would be adjacent to the new STEAM Center facility, would be a 40,000 square foot wing to the new Collin College Tech Center.  It would hold approximately fifteen classrooms, two computer labs and two wet science labs.  It would serve about 300 students per period or up to 2,100 per day.  If approved by the Collin College trustees, the project would be completed in the fall of 2020.

Allen ISD students may enroll in at least three types of college courses: dual credit, dual credit leading to an associate’s degree, and academic dual credit tied to advanced technical certification. This partnership will allow certain AISD students to obtain an associate’s degree or technical certification by the time of graduation from Allen ISD.

Goals of partnering with Collin College in a dual credit facility include: expanding current dual credit course offerings; providing specialized options in career and technical education; and providing a dual credit / associate degree completion program.

Next Board Meeting

The next regular meeting of the Allen ISD Board of Trustees will be held Nov. 13, 2017 at 7 p.m. at Allen City Hall.