June 25, 2018 Board Meeting Summary

Trustees recognize state qualifying tennis player

The Board of Trustees began its June meeting by recognizing Jordan Mitchell for qualifying for the UIL Tennis State Tournament in May. Mitchell, who qualified as a freshman, is the youngest player in Allen’s history to reach the state tournament. She finished her freshman year with an overall record of 42-8.

Board adopts 2018-19 budget to provide accelerated instruction for specific students

The Board of Trustees adopted the 2018-19 budget to provide accelerated instruction for students failing the end-of-course assessment instrument required for graduation. Per Texas Education Code, school districts are required to provide accelerated instruction for students who do not perform satisfactorily on an End-of-Course assessment instrument required for graduation. The code also requires districts to separately budget sufficient funds to meet this requirement, and states that a district may not budget funds received under the Compensatory Education Allotment for any other purpose until the district adopts a budget to support the accelerated instruction.

Board of Trustees adopt 2018-2019 budget

The Allen ISD Board of Trustees has approved a budget for the 2018-2019 fiscal year that proposes a two cent reduction in the total tax rate.  The Board approved a total budget of $257,774,082.

Specific funds include:

General Fund                    $ 197,485,382

Student Nutrition Fund       $     7,343,700

Debt Service Fund              $   52,945,000

The Board also proposed a tax rate of $1.55 for 2018-2019.  The rate includes a two cent reduction in the Interest & Sinking (I&S) tax rate for next year. The Board also lowered the school tax rate in each of the past four school years. A summary of the past four years is shown below.

School Year       Tax Rate

2014-2015           $1.64

2015-2016           $1.61

2016-2017           $1.59

2017-2018           $1.57

2018-2019*         $1.55   (Proposed)

The tax rate will officially be set in August 2018.

As part of the budget, the Board approved a salary increase of 3% on the midpoint of pay groups and 11 new teaching positions to accommodate growth and new programs. The approved budget includes funding for staff and operation of the Allen ISD STEAM Center, which opens in December for grades K-8.  The high school portion of the building will open for classes in August 2019.

Other budget items include renovations at all three middle schools for expansion of the gifted program; new school buses; band uniforms and two band equipment trailers.

Board designates fund balance

The Board of Trustees passed a resolution that designates a portion of the school district’s fund balance to future capital projects. A total of $12 million is committed to construct and establish a dual credit instructional facility as part of the future Collin College Technical Campus, per the contractual agreement between AISD and Collin College. A total of $1,806,500 was assigned for the following: 1) Purchase and install classroom multimedia throughout the district ($560,000); 2) Purchase and install security cameras and access-controlled doors throughout the district ($246,500); and 3) Potential future maintenance of Eagle Stadium ($1 million).

Board designates investment officers for AISD

The Board of Trustees approved a resolution that names the following individuals as the investment officers for Allen ISD:

Greg Cartwright – Allen ISD Chief Financial Officer

Amber Lasseigne – Allen ISD Executive Director of Finance

Sarah Bitting – Allen ISD Director of Accounting

The investment officers are responsible for the investment of funds consistent with the district’s investment policy.

Trustees approve treasury management resolution

The Board of Trustees approved treasury management resolutions to provide designations and authorizations for conducting AIlen ISD business with American National Bank. The first resolutions name Cartwright, Lasseigne and Bitting as the AISD employees who are allowed to conduct business and perform transactions with the bank on behalf of the district. The third resolution provides the bank with an official listing of each member of the Board of Trustees and their positions and duties.

Board approves purchase of cafeteria and kitchen equipment

The Board of Trustees approved the purchase of cafeteria serving line equipment and large kitchen equipment for a total of $107,109. The serving line equipment will be installed at Kerr Elementary, and the kitchen equipment will be installed at Boyd Elementary, Ereckson Middle School, and Allen High School. Quotes for the items were received from six different vendors, and AISD will award eight items to Mission Restaurant supply and four items to Kommercial Kitchen Equipment Company.

Board approves renewal of property/casualty insurance

The Board of Trustees renewed the property/casualty insurance with the Property Casualty Alliance of Texas, effective Sept. 1, 2018 through Aug. 31, 2019, for a premium of $1,338,694.

The District purchases property, crime, equipment breakdown, general liability, employee benefit liability, educator’s legal liability, data compromise and auto coverages to protect the school district. Currently, these coverages are purchased in a bundled package through an interlocal agreement with the Property Casualty Alliance of Texas (PCAT) that expires after 08/31/18.