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Alvis C. Story Elementary

1550 Edelweiss 

Allen, Texas 75002

Phone: (972) 727-0570

Fax: (972) 727-0573


Where YOUR Story Begins


Our Mission at Story Elementary is to welcome all students in an inclusive environment that empowers individuals to be active in their growth and build respectful relationships. 

We Believe:

  • All Students will achieve their highest potential in a safe, nurturing, positive environment when taught at an instructional level that meets their individual needs.

  • We are all lifelong learners who can achieve success when we collaborate and use innovative strategies in all aspects of learning. 

  • Effective communication among all administration, staff, parents, and students creates a risk free, partnership for student achievement.

School Facts:

  • Date Opened: September 1987

  • Student Population - approx. 475

  • Kindergarten through 6th grade 

  • School Mascot - Falcon 

  • School Colors - Blue and Silver

  • School day for Students: 7:45 a.m. to 2:55 p.m.



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mr. and mrs. story

Alvis C. Story - School Namesake

Historically, Allen schools have been named for school or community members who have made contributions to the service and education of young people.   In 1987, when an additional elementary school was built to satisfy the growing population, a search began to identify such a dedicated person.  Story Elementary was dedicated November 22, 1987 and was named after Alvis C. Story, a resident of Allen for 62 years at the time of dedication. Mr. Story earned this honor because of his tireless work for the community of Allen and the schools. 

Alvis C. Story was born on July 16, 1902 in Plano.  He served as a member of the AISD Board of Trustees from 1943 through 1949.  So dedicated to the futures of the students of Allen and their involvement in activities outside the city was Story, that he served 13 years as a bus driver, spending many an hour carting the precious cargo of children to and from co-curricular events for a whopping $45 per month. 

While Story was on the Board, W.H. Moseley served as superintendent.  The assessed value of the district was in the neighborhood of $500,000 and the total tax rate was $1.50.  The district was struggling to remain open and operating in the renovated school on Belmont.  Monthly salaries for teachers were about $120.  He knew that if the district could keep its nails sharpened and hang on, the economy would turn around and Allen would grow enough to thwart any take-overs by surrounding school districts.  At a time when it would have been easier to give, Story, in his humble, indomitable way, kept his vision on what could be.  He kept the plow of progress in the ground and the citizens’ eyes toward the future.

The Board of Trustees successfully faced the challenge of keeping the school doors open when enrollment fell to one student below the state minimum.  Citizens kept enough teachers employed to thwart consolidation by opening homes to them to live in and by paying salaries partially with money contributed by the PTA.

Story did not limit his dedication to the school district.  He was active in the Christian Church and served as city secretary from 1953, when Allen was incorporated, until 1972.

He collected taxes, utility bills, helped out as a substitute mail carrier, and was the merchant’s exchange for the business in Allen when the closest bank was in McKinney.  When he was the only one around the city office then located on Main Street and a fire alarm came in, he would answer the call, fighting off the flames until others arrived.

Story and his wife Roberta “Dutch,” who graduated from the Allen schools, have two children, Chester and June Snoddy.  His granddaughter Teri and his great grandson Joshua attended Story.

Alvis Story’s work, moral standards and ethics, his personal nature, and his rapport with people, made him an ideal example of how to dedicate one’s life to a community and its youth.  Because of his dedication and endless hours of service to the City of Allen and the children of the community, AISD proudly named our school in his honor.