Disciplinary Dress Code

Dillard Dress Code examples

This dress code is required at the Dillard Center for disciplinary placements and is in conjunction with dress code requirements at your home campus.

  • Shirt-Plain white with a collar with NO MARKINGS/NO LOGOS
    Button down or polo-style only (long or short sleeve)

  • Belt

  • Lanyard with ID

  • Slacks-Khaki Color Only (Example: Dickies/Docker style). Slacks should fit appropriately and not sag

  • No shorts may be worn

  • No frays, holes, or split seams on pants

  • Skirt-Khaki color only. Skirts must come to the knee.

  • Outer garments must be a solid color. Anything with hoods, writing, pictures, or logos are not allowed in the classroom and will be taken up at check-in.

  • Socks

  • Shoes or boots (regular closed-toe, flat, tennis shoes, loafers, cowboy boots, etc.) NO HEELS, SANDALS, SLIPPERS, CROC-STYLE or BEACH SHOES

  • Hair must meet the student’s campus handbook. No hair picks, combs, or brushes allowed.

  • No jewelry may be worn and will be confiscated at check-in (Exception: a watch may be worn; Smart-watches are NOT allowed)

    • First offense – Items will not be returned directly to student; the parent will need to come pick up and sign for it.

      Subsequent offenses – Items will not be returned until dismissal from DAEP.  

  • No over-size clothing or gang paraphernalia

  • NO CASH unless it is to be deposited into a student lunch account.

Backpacks, bags, and purses:

Backpacks are allowed only on the first and last days of your disciplinary placement in order to bring learning materials.  Otherwise, no bags, backpacks or purses of any kind allowed.  If brought any other time, without Principal permission, bags will be taken up and parents may be required to pick them up.

*The Dillard Center and its staff are not responsible for lost or stolen items.