Student Support Team

SSI Team

(Top row) left to right:
Marian Cristancho, SSI (DL) Aide
Nusrat Fahriba, SSI Aide
Tynisha Albea, SSI Aide
Jean Raymond, SSI Aide
Lisa Crabtree, CCI
Rocio Najera, SSI (DL)
Katie Lasseter, AIM
Elizabeth Williams, EL Facilitator
Yessica Schessler, CIS

(Bottom row) left to right:
Joann Del Valle, SSI Aide (DL)
Desiree Perez, SSI Aide (DL)
Isabel Lucena, SSI Aide (DL)
Kelli Brasher, Math/SC Coach
(not pictured) Jennifer Sewell, ELA IC
(not pictured) Rocio Najera, SSI DL