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Allen ISD previously launched the Empower 1:1 Student Mobile Device program in 2022, a product of the 2020 bond project, designed to prepare students for their future by providing digital technology to every student.

All students who check out a school-issued device are required to sign the Allen ISD Responsible Use Policy and to purchase device insurance through SchoolPay. The annual device insurance costs $30 and will cover any kind of device malfunction, repairs, and replacement parts stemming from unintentional damage. The device insurance fee does not cover intentional damage, loss of device, or peripherals as informed in the back-to-school forms. To review the details of non-covered events and associated fees provided in the back-to-school forms, follow this link.

3rd Grade - 6th Grade Only please follow this link to Chandler School Pay to purchase the device insurance for the 2023-2024 school year.

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