About Us

Welcome to Allen High School

front of high school

300 Rivercrest Boulevard
Allen, Texas 75002

History of Allen High School

The first school, built in 1910 at the corner of Belmont and Cedar, was a two-story brick building housing six classrooms and an auditorium and saw the first graduating class of eight students in 1914. The new Allen High School was established in 1959 on land donated by Mr. Harris Brown on the corner of Jupiter and Main Streets. The Allen school system was integrated in 1964, being the first among the County school systems in the area to do so. The current location at the corner of Greenville and Rivercrest opened in August 1999 and has expanded to about one million square feet. The current building, with 219 classrooms, includes a 1,500-seat performing arts center, a Career and Technology Education center, a student-run store with student-designed apparel, as well as a student-run restaurant. 

Class/Bell Schedule

Allen High School operates on a modified bell schedule. 

A helpful trick for keeping track of A (red) and B (blue) days is to look at either the flags flying in front of the school or the shirts worn by security. They wear corresponding color shirts to match the day.