Arena Scheduling

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Model Scheduling App

  • This is a planning tool created by Allen High School computer science students in partnership with the AHS counselors and curriculum staff. It reflects the master schedule as it stands, but courses are still subject to change.

  • Students are encouraged to use the App to build at least 3 mock schedules prior to their Arena window.

  • These are mock schedules for the purpose of planning and exploring - this is NOT a finalized or official schedule.

  • Students MUST still complete Arena scheduling in Skyward.

Help Ticket Information

  • Must submit help tickets for assistance (emails regarding Arena will not be answered)

  • Must use student email

  • The help ticket link will open at 7:30 AM each Arena window

  • Help tickets will not be answered after 5:00 PM

  • The help ticket link will close at 11:59 PM each Arena window

  • Help tickets are answered in order they are received

  • Help ticket responses will only go to those with Arena open currently

Important Reminders:

  1. No changes will be allowed after course selection clean up ends in early February so that the master schedule is an accurate reflection of requests.

  2. Students will not have the opportunity to switch to alternate choices during Arena unless there is a physical conflict of courses to be scheduled. Not liking where a requested course falls does not constitute a scheduling conflict.

  3. Arena will open and close each day for each group to promote better student self-care.

  4. No changes will be allowed after Arena closes (with the exception of approved course change requests in May. See below for more information).

*see details on the course planning and scheduling page

After the course change request deadline on May 7, 2024 at 4 pm, courses are final and will not be open to changes

Course change requests must be credit to credit (privilege periods cannot be added or dropped)

Schedule Finalization Guidelines for 24/25 School Year

Spring 2024

  • Dual Credit Registration Deadline Feb 24, 2024

  • Incoming 10-12 Course Change request form deadline May 7, 2024 @ 4pm

    • Course change requests made after 5/7/24 @ 4 PM will not be considered

Course Change Request Form Information

  • The course change request form link for the 2024-2025 school year closes at 4 PM on May 7th, 2024

    • This is a firm deadline.

  • Change requests are entered by the student with the acknowledgement that parents are aware and approve of the change.

  • Change requests are only honored for courses with open seats.

  • Change requests are final once the schedule is updated.

  • Only course change requests are considered.

    • Cannot drop courses for additional privilege periods.

    • Cannot request scheduling changes such as - "move 2nd period privilege to 8th period."

  • Change requests are required to be entered through the Google form using student email

    • Email, phone call, and walk-in course change requests are not considered.

Who should I contact if I have questions about my schedule?

Students and parents should contact their CURRENT campus counselor for questions regarding scheduling

Reasons schedules may change after Arena Scheduling:

  • Changes in the Master Schedule including class leveling and staffing

  • Unresolved conflicts, scheduling errors

  • Failed classes needed for graduation

  • Did not complete credits over the summer for recovery or advancement as previously discussed

What is Arena Scheduling?

  • Arena Scheduling is a course scheduling system for high school that empowers students to create their own schedules similar to systems used on college campuses. The master schedule is built based on courses selected by students in the fall semester. Arena Scheduling is then opened for students later in the spring semester to create a schedule.

  • Students will enter their "Arena Window" according to priority groups which are based on Eagle Engagement points a student has accumulated each year. Class availability is on a first-come, first-served basis. Students will see courses with open seats available each period and have the ability to choose courses to create a schedule that meets their individual needs.

  • Students will use the Help Ticket Google Form to request scheduling assistance only during their Arena window and AHS counselors will answer them in the order they are received.

    Why does Allen ISD use the Arena Scheduling method?

  • The Allen High School graduate profile states that we want our students to be effective problem solvers and communicators as well as engaged citizens who are academically prepared for future pursuits. Students are more engaged in their academics when they are provided the opportunity to have more control over their schedule. By replacing the computer-built schedules with student-built schedules, students are able to problem-solve issues based on their needs and are provided an unofficial schedule before they leave for summer break. 

It is very important to us that students have choice and voice in creating their schedule!

  • Every student is guaranteed the courses needed for graduation, however; the period, teacher, and section is not guaranteed. The master schedule is built with courses and privilege periods throughout the school day. This means students may have to move courses (including privilege periods) within their schedule to be able to submit a completed schedule.

    All incomplete schedules will be auto-scheduled which may override any selections previously made by a student during Arena.

Where can I find more information on Arena Scheduling?

  • All students will have access to a Canvas module that reviews the scheduling procedures and rules students need to understand for success in Arena Scheduling.

  • Students will also have access to an unofficial master schedule via the Model Scheduler APP designed by our Computer Science students.

    • The APP goes live prior to Arena Scheduling so that students can make mock schedules to enhance their Arena Scheduling experience.

What grades use Arena Scheduling?

  • All incoming 10th, 11th and 12th grade Allen ISD students have access to Arena Scheduling during their grade level window. If your student is retained they will only be able to access Arena during their CURRENT grade level assignment window. See the important dates page for the Arena grade level windows.

Who should I contact if I have questions during Arena Scheduling:

  • Please submit a Help Ticket.

  • Counselors help students troubleshoot only through Help Tickets during their Arena window. Emails to counselors regarding their Arena schedule will get an automatic reply redirecting them to seek assistance through Help Tickets.