Visitor Protocol

AHS is a closed campus and is committed to student and staff safety. A clear visitor protocol is a significant part of this commitment:

  • All visitors should enter through the Main Office unless they have prearranged with Fine Arts to meet in the PAC.

  • Only visitors with a scheduled Support Services meeting will be allowed to enter through the Support Services entrance.

  • The main office receptionist will notify the house office of visitors.

  • Those without appointments will be encouraged to make an appointment and return during the scheduled time.

  • All visitors must be accompanied by AHS staff while in the building.

  • Visitors to the Attendance Center will remain in the Attendance Center.

  • No visitors will be allowed in the building without being accompanied.

  • Former students are not permitted to drop in and see teachers without an appointment; like all other visitors, former students must be accompanied by AHS staff while in the building.

  • No unauthorized deliveries will be accepted. This includes Door Dash, Uber Eats, flowers, etc.

  • Students must enter the building through the Main Entry, PAC Entry, Cafeteria Entry, or Teardrop Entry.