Read Across America

Read Across America was started in 1998 by the National Education Association as a way to celebrate reading. The original date of March 2nd was chosen because it is Dr. Seuss' birthday. Now Read Across America includes resources to celebrate diverse reading year round but many people and groups still emphasize reading the first week of March. You will find many ways that you can celebrate reading on this page. Enjoy!

The slides below have an assortment of interactive ebooks that are available from Capstone during Read Across America Week!

Read Across America

Click the image above to try our the Read Across America BreakoutEDU Challenge!

Learn more about the history and purpose of Read Across America


Suggested Family Activities to support reading:

- Read together in a variety of places from a variety of books!

- Talk about and share your favorite books with each other

- See how many states and/or countries you can find in books you read this week. What is the setting of each book?

- Discuss book characters and how they are similar or different from members of your family

- Act out scenes from your favorite books

- Research your favorite author(s)

- Find a recipe for a food mentioned in one of your books and cook it together

- Invite a family member or friend who lives somewhere else to be a "guest reader" on a video call and/or read to them!