Ceramics Club

Sponsors: Mr. Logan - A252

Meeting times: Mondays: 8am-8:30am AND 4:05-4:35pm

First Meeting: 9/25/23

- Ceramics club is a club focused on purposeful creation. You cannot come just to hang out or be social.
- You must pay the yearly $25 fee to create new work.
- You must respect other students and their work
- You must follow general classroom rules and procedures
- You must be prepared to leave on time and have a reliable mode of transportation prepared in advance

If you break the rules you will be removed from Ceramics club

Ceramics Club requires a yearly payment of $25 to supply clay, glaze, tools, etc. If you are a current ceramics student you still have to pay the additional $25 if you plan to work on new/additional projects.

The Allen High School Ceramics Club exists to:

*  Provide clay building and wheel throwing opportunities to all AHS students on a weekly basis;

*  Build the talents and skills of students in regards to creative expression through the ceramic medium;

*  Train students in the processes of firing clay;

*  Expose students to historical and current ceramic artists of all nationalities;

*  And to support the Allen and Collin County communities through various outreach and volunteering events.