Trademark Information

Allen ISD requires vendors using the Allen Eagle name and logo to enter into a license agreement with the school district. Information about the new agreement and a copy of the license agreement are shown below. A copy of the Vendor Letter and License Agreement can also be downloaded here.

The Allen Independent School District has completed the process of establishing a trademark for Allen High School’s Allen Eagles name. The trademark will provide consistency and quality to products that bear the school’s name. Allen ISD requires vendors selling products that use the Allen Eagle name and official logo to enter into a trademark license agreement with the school district. The license agreement will allow for the sale of apparel bearing the Allen Eagle name for one year. The year will start on July 1 and end on June 30.

The fixed fee for a one-year unlimited-use license of the name Allen Eagles is $250 for an individual who resides in or a business located in Allen. Individuals or businesses not located in Allen will be required to pay a fixed fee of $500 per year. Per the agreement, Allen ISD will reserve the right to inspect the nature and quality of products to ensure the products are appropriate and do not adversely affect the school or school district.

As the success of Allen High School athletics programs has grown in recent years, so has the interest in creating spirit wear/apparel. The trademark license agreement is not intended to restrict those activities. Instead, the district is maintaining control over how the name and mark are used and the quality of products bearing that name.

Questions about the license agreement should be directed to the district by email at or phone at 972-727-0510. Correspondence should be sent to Allen ISD c/o Communications Office, Attention: J. Renee Cunningham, 612 East Bethany Drive, Allen, Texas 75002.

Thank you for supporting the Allen Eagles.

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