Media Relations and Information Requests

Information to be released to the local news media can be directed to the Communications Department, 612 E. Bethany Dr., 972-727-0510. Press releases regarding school activities and events are sent to the media regularly.

If you have a suggestion or idea for a news release, please provide as much information about the activity or event as possible to Be sure to include a contact name and number. Color or black and white photos are acceptable, but they may not be returned. If photos are sent electronically, they should be a high enough resolution for print purposes (generally at least 150 pixels per inch). Click here for details on submitting a story or photo for media publication.

Media Guidelines

The Allen Independent School District's policy is to work cooperatively with the news media for coverage of issues and events involving the school district, its students, or staff. However, Allen ISD is dedicated to providing all students with a safe, learning environment without unnecessary interruptions. Therefore, the following guidelines are in effect at all district campuses and facilities 

All media inquiries should be directed to the Communications Department and the appropriate campus principal or building administrator. Exception: Routine athletic and/or extracurricular activity news coverage can be handled by the appropriate coach/sponsor.

The Chief Communications Officer should be contacted when a representative of the media visits a campus. If the media visits an Allen ISD site without prior approval from the appropriate campus or building administrator, he or she should be asked to leave and contact the Communications Department at the Administration Building.

Media personnel may be allowed on campus to interview staff or students during the school day with approval from the Communications Department and appropriate notification to the campus or building administrator.

  • Cameras/reporters will not be allowed into the classroom or on the campus unless the classroom teacher and/or appropriate staff members have been notified and it is determined that such a visit will not be disruptive to the learning environment.

  • Photographs or videos may be taken by the media at the discretion of the Chief Communications Officer and/or the building or campus administrator. Parental permission is not required but should be obtained if time and circumstances permit.

  • The Superintendent or her designee shall be the official spokesperson for Allen ISD.

  • All Open Records requests should be referred to the Chief Communications Officer - David Hicks immediately upon receipt.

Freedom Of Information Requests

Information requests should be made in writing to:

Allen ISD
Attn: David Hicks
612 E. Bethany Dr.
Allen, TX 75002

OR emailed to

Freedom of Information Requests, sometimes called Open Records requests, are handled by the Chief Information Officer on behalf of the Superintendent. One exception involves student records. Requests for student records by that student's parent or guardian may be handled directly by the principal at the school campus. Board policy permits the principal to provide one copy of the student's educational record for the parent or guardian free of charge. Any additional copies require copy charges as per Board Policy GBA. Requests for Special Education records may be submitted to the Special Services Department. If any part of a written request for student records includes information that might be deemed private under state or federal law, the written request will be forwarded to the Superintendent's Office and ultimately to the Attorney General's Office for processing.

Allen ISD works to meet information requests in compliance with state and federal laws. To the extent possible, requests are handled in the order they are received. By law, Allen ISD has 10 business days to determine whether or not to seek an Attorney General's ruling regarding information that may be exempted from public disclosure.

Effective Sept. 14, 2021, Allen ISD charges fees authorized by the Texas Public Information Act. If the fees will result in a charge exceeding $40.00, the district will provide the requestor with a written estimate detailing the charges that will be imposed. The following fees apply to Open Records requests*:

  • $15.00 per hour labor charge for locating, compiling, reproducing, reviewing, and redacting information (>50 pages)

  • $28.50 per hour labor charge for computer programming when needed

  • 20% overhead fee added to labor charges

  • 10 cents per page for letter-sized paper copies

  • 15 cents per page for legal-sized paper copies

  • $1.00 per CD

  • $3.00 per DVD

  • Postage

*Fees are subject to change based on state laws and regulations.

Pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 552.275, the District established a reasonable time limit that personnel are required to spend producing public information for inspection or copies to a requestor of not less than 15 hours for a one month period or 36 hours in a 12 month period, without recovering costs attributable to the personnel time related to that requestor. A requestor that reaches the time limit will be required to compensate the District for the costs incurred in satisfying subsequent requests.