Safe and Secure Schools

About Safe & Secure Schools

  • Vision      
    A safe and secure learning environment for Allen ISD students, staff, and the Allen ISD community is our top priority.


    1. Deter outside and inside threats to Allen ISD students, staff, and visitors through a layered security posture, including personnel and electronic monitoring systems, which functions
      in cooperation with parents, counselors, teachers, and law enforcement, while maintaining an educational environment that empowers every learner to realize his or her full potential.

    2. Prepare for and respond to emerging threats and emergency situations to minimize the risk of harm to students, staff, and visitors.

    3. Reduce student truancy by employing preventive measures and collaboratively engaging students, parents, and guardians through counselors, teachers, and staff.

Safe & Secure Schools Summary For Allen ISD Parents

Dear Allen ISD Parents –

Providing a safe and secure environment for Allen ISD students, staff and visitors is among our highest priorities. With support from the Board of Trustees, the Allen Police Department, and Allen ISD Safe and Secure Schools staff; our school district has undertaken a number of important steps toward preparing staff and students for emergencies, securing facilities, and working cooperatively with law enforcement/emergency services.

While some of the security plans and strategies employed by the school district are confidential, we also feel it is important to share the following list of programs and strategies that are part of our total safe and secure schools program.