Records Management

Records Management is the name given to a process involving the creation, maintenance, use, and disposal of records to aid in the achievement of efficient business practices and regulatory compliance. Records Management is concerned with making sure that what needs to be kept as a record is retained, but also prescribing how long it should be kept, where it should be stored, who has access to it, and when it should be destroyed (if ever).

The Records Management program manages District information so that it is timely, accurate, cost-effective, accessible, and useable. All components of a Records Management Program carry with it several benefits that aid the District in achieving its stated Mission.

Allen ISD adopts the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) retention schedules. This ensures compliance with mandatory retention schedules, as well as compliance with safe environment standards. 

Allen ISD Records Management Procedures

The Records Management Procedures manual provides information regarding records retention.

Below are the links to TSLAC retention schedules: 

 Below are links to Allen ISD quick reference records guides.

If you need to review a record that is archived, please contact Keith Taylor (Coordinator - Assets, Records, Textbooks) to make arrangements.

2018 TSLAC SD Revisions-Quick Guide

Transferring Records to Service Center for Archiving

Records Storage:

Step 1:  Records Storage Boxes 

  • All records must be in an 1199 box with current paperwork attached (boxes requested through Skyward)

  • If records are to be destroyed in October of the current year, send them in regular boxes (no bigger than the 1199 boxes) between May 15 - Oct. 1.  

  • Also, in an effort to save a tree and some budget money, mark on the box destroy (current year) and you won't need to complete a transfer form. Enter a work order for the Distribution Center staff to pick up the boxes.

Step 2: Records Storage Transfer Form 

Use this form for transferring all records to the archive. Step-by-step instructions are included on the form.

Step 3: SchoolDude

This is for all work requests including transfer of records to storage. Schooldude is accessed through the intranet. A work order through SchoolDude and paperwork with the boxes are a MUST for all records pick-ups! Do not fax, email, or send via inter-office mail any paperwork. Forms should be with the boxes to be archived.  

Records Storage Presentation - Powerpoint Presentation  

This presentation explains the transfer system for records storage.