Asset Management

The Allen ISD Asset Management program is designed to help with purchasing, recording, and auditing physical assets acquired and owned by the District. This ensures proper tracking and maintenance of valuable assets from acquirement to retirement, supporting proper use of taxpayer funding. These items include computers, tablets, projectors, TVs, appliances, instruments, maintenance equipment, sports equipment, vehicles, etc.

About 40,000 assets with an estimated total value of $25 million are tagged and audited throughout the district.

Asset Management Procedures Manual

The Asset Management Procedures Manual provides information regarding management of Allen ISD fixed assets.

Allen ISD assets are currently managed by the Purchasing Department. Assets with a purchase price of $500.00 or more with an expected life of one year or more should be tagged.  In order to ensure proper management of Allen ISD assets, please report changes to the Assets Coordinator.

For questions regarding the Asset Management Program, contact:

Keith Taylor

Coordinator - Assets, Records, Textbooks 972.727.7114