Employment Opportunities

Apply via Job Posting

To apply for specific jobs via the Job Postings page, you must have already completed and submitted the online application for the job category for which you are currently applying (Administrative, Auxiliary, Professional /Certified, Paraprofessional, or Substitute).

If you have not submitted an online application for the specific category, please click here to complete and submit the appropriate application. After you have submitted the application, you may revisit this page to apply for corresponding job postings.

To apply for a specific job posting, click on Login, located in the middle of the job posting page. Enter your application's User ID and Password. You will be returned to the job posting main page or the job posting detail page; click on To apply for this job click here.

When you have successfully applied for the job posting the link will change to: You have successfully applied for this job.

By applying via the Job Postings page, you are not required to resubmit your online application each time you apply for a new vacancy.

Upload resume, college transcript/high school diploma, and applicable certification documents when submitting an application.

Review your application(s) periodically to ensure all information is up-to-date. (i.e. work experience, reference contact information) Applications remain active for one year from the date of submission. 


Application Process

Thank you for your interest in joining the Allen Independent School District (AISD).  We understand the stress of job hunting and we will assist you in a professional and helpful manner. Part of our human resource mission is to select highly motivated and competent individuals and provide them with opportunities to develop to their full potential within the AISD organization.  AISD offers competitive salaries and a wide range of employment opportunities.  

All applications must be submitted through our online application system located on this website. Computers are also available in the Human Resources office at 612 E. Bethany Drive, Allen, TX and may be used to submit volunteer or employment applications.

Supporting documents must be uploaded with your online application. Failure to upload documents will delay the application process.

Documents required to complete application file:

   • Resume
   • College transcript or high school diploma/GED
   • Educator certificate, if applicable   
   • Three references  (entering email addresses on the application will automatically send reference form)

Official Transcripts may be mailed to Human Resources at 612 E. Bethany Drive, Allen, Texas 75002.

Applications remain active for ONE YEAR, then inactive for one year from the date of application, unless you update or submit changes. You will be able to update your account using a password-protected login process. You can access your application at www.allenisd.org. You will use your same User ID and Password. If you do not update your application within two years, your application and credentials will be archived.


As a professional courtesy, informing us of your acceptance of a position elsewhere would be appreciated. We wish you success in your job search and appreciate your interest in being part of the AISD family.

Apply for a Job / Instructions

Please take a few moments to review the instructions prior to completing your application for employment with Allen ISD.  

If you experience technical difficulties with the application, please contact the Human Resources department at 972-727-0533 or send an email to hr@allenisd.org.

  • Certain fields have been identified with a red triangle. These fields are required and you will not be allowed to submit your application unless these fields are completed.

  • When entering phone numbers, only input the numbers. Do not try to enter dashes, hyphens or parentheses.

  • When entering dates, follow the format indicated. i.e., (MM/DD/YYYY)

  • When you have completed a page, click on the CONTINUE button at the bottom of the page to save your information and move to the next page. The list to the left will keep you informed of your progress. The current section is indicated by [ ] and completed sections are indicated by a check (√).

  • Electronic documents may be uploaded with your application. File Upload/Instructions are available on the online application under supporting documents. File types accepted are .pdf, .rtf, .txt, and .htm, all other files will be rejected.

You may review your information at any time by revisiting the section or clicking the ‘Review’ link on the left. If you make any changes while reviewing, you must click the ‘Continue” button at the bottom of the page for the change to be accepted. When all sections are completed, you may click the ‘Submit’ link at the left and your application will be sent to the Allen Independent School District Human Resources Department.

Once you have submitted your application you may go back to the application to make changes/ deletions and add supporting documents at any time. Keep your password in a safe place. You may also keep your file active with Allen ISD by going back to your application at the end of one year and submitting the application to update your information. 

Campus administrators will review completed applications. The administrator exercises his or her discretion in determining which applicants to contact.  We try to interview as many applicants as possible; however, not all applicants are interviewed. Interviews are centered on vacancies and need. 

Certification: You can get a copy of your current certification from the TEA website: www.tea.state.tx.us. If you have a standard certificate, be sure to enter the beginning and expiration date. If you have a life certificate you will leave the expiration date blank. If you hold an Out-of-State Certificate, please attempt to match your information with the choices listed.

Degree Information: Only enter universities where you earned a degree.  If your major field is not listed leave it blank.

Reference Information:  Persons used as references should be your present and/or past supervisors, or principal. Personal references are NOT acceptable. 

Employment History:  Begin with your present or most recent employer and list all positions held.

Thank you for submitting an employment application to Allen ISD. 


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