Risk Management

About Risk Management

The Allen ISD Risk Management Department is responsible for minimizing risk and reducing losses throughout the district. Specifically, the department is responsible for managing the district’s liability, property, and auto insurance programs; coordinating the district’s employee safety program; identifying and addressing safety and health hazards; and evaluating contractual risk throughout the district.

Contact Risk Management

Sarah Anthony
Risk Manager

612 East Bethany Drive - Allen, TX  75002
Phone: 972-727-0511, ext. 400547

Fax: 972-727-0496

Risk Management Scope

The goal of the Allen ISD Risk Management Department is to evaluate risks, hazards, and exposures; develop risk management methodologies to fund, minimize, or eliminate loss; and advise on risk control strategies to mitigate unanticipated losses. The department continuously strives to minimize financial, physical, and reputational loss through the proper identification and analysis of risk and implementation of risk-reducing techniques such as loss prevention, contractual risk reduction, and insurance.

Department Mission Statement

To minimize the risk of loss through an entity-wide collaborative effort so that liability exposures are reduced and district resources are protected.

“Minimizing risk through collaboration.”

Program Components

  • Occupational Safety Program

  • Loss Prevention & Loss Control

  • Property/Auto/Liability Insurance

  • Student Accident Insurance

  • Contracts & Agreements

Student Accident Insurance

Sports/UIL Insurance - District Sponsored

For students (Grades 7 – 12) who participate in school-sponsored UIL sports and activities, Allen ISD purchases an insurance policy through Student Insurance Plans, Inc. that provides limited coverage for injuries that occur while participating in those activities. If a student is injured while participating in a school-sponsored UIL activity a claim form will be completed by the Athletic Trainer and given to the student’s parent or guardian. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to complete their portion of the claim form and follow directions on how to submit the form to the insurance company.  

This insurance policy is designed to act as supplemental (secondary) coverage on top of the individual’s primary health insurance coverage; however, it can be used even if the student is not covered by primary health insurance. The plan will only pay within the limits of the policy, which could be a portion of the medical expenses. This plan also provides catastrophic insurance coverage for injuries that exceed $25,000 in medical costs.

There is no insurance coverage provided by the school district for non-UIL activities. With few exceptions, public school districts in Texas have immunity from being held liable for bodily injury to students and the public. Students and their parents/guardians are responsible for the cost of their medical care if injured on school property. For questions regarding Sports/UIL Insurance coverage, please contact Student Insurance Plans, Inc. directly by calling 469-579-4139.

Voluntary Insurance - Available for purchase

Student Insurance Plans, Inc. also provides an opportunity for parents to purchase low-cost accident insurance for any student. These policies are available for as little as $35.00 for the entire school year. The voluntary insurance plans are available to all students and can provide coverage for injuries that occur during school time or full-time (24 hours). The plans can be used even if the student is covered under other insurance. Participation in this insurance program is strictly voluntary. 

If you would like to purchase voluntary accident insurance for your student, enrollment is available through the Student Insurance Plans, Inc. website under “Online Enrollment”. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to complete the online enrollment form and submit the premium payment directly to the insurance company. Allen ISD does not collect payment for this coverage nor do we manage this insurance program. For questions regarding Voluntary Insurance, please contact Student Insurance Plans, Inc. directly by calling 469-579-4139 or by visiting their website.