Move Requests

The Distribution Department will assist your campus in moving district-owned items from campus to campus or to the warehouse.  Please enter a work order in School Dude with a detailed description of all items to be moved including asset tag numbers for Fixed Asset items and the location of the items including room numbers.  Technology items should be entered on separate work orders from other equipment and furniture.  Ensure all equipment is clearly marked, and ready to go prior to submitting the work order. 

Campus-to-Campus Moves

  • When entering work orders requesting equipment, furniture or supplies be moved from one campus to another, please include the destination address including room numbers.

  • Distribution does not move flooring, stages, weights and equipment, study carrels, and pianos.  There is a MOVING SERVICES CONTRACT (see document below) in place that you may use to hire movers for these items.  

Teacher Moves

  • In the summer, Distribution will move reassigned teachers to their new campus.  

  • Ensure all boxes are clearly labeled with the teacher's name, phone number and new campus location.

  • Items will be moved from the multi-purpose room of the original campus to the multi-purpose room of the new campus.

  • No personal items will be moved.  Examples of personal items include refrigerators, lamps, couches, chairs, etc.

On-Campus Moves

  • Distribution does not move or set up items within your campus.

  • The first request should be through the custodial department.

  • If the custodians are not able to assist, there is a MOVING SERVICES CONTRACT (see document below) in place that you may use to hire labor/movers.

Surplus Items

  • Have your items ready to be picked up before submitting the work order.

  • If items are broken, please note that on your work order.

  • Separate and identify broken/damaged items from functional items. 

  • Due to Distribution's heavy summer workload, surplus pick-ups may be limited during the month of August.  Please plan accordingly.

Loaner Items

Distribution Services has approximately 40 round tables (60"), 23 folding tables (30" x 60"), and 330 stacking chairs (blue) available for campus functions.

  • Include the name and date of your event, the type of table and chair needed, the number of tables and chairs needed, the location, layout, and the date that the tables/chairs can be picked up after the event is complete.

  • All requests must be made at least one week in advance.

  • Requests can only be made for the current semester.  Requests made outside of this time frame will not be accepted.  

  • All requests are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. You will be notified if a table and chairs are not available for your date.

  • If tables and chairs are not available, or should you need more than are available, you will need to hire a contracted rental company.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Distribution does not move personal items.  This includes refrigerators, microwaves, coffee makers, and personal furniture.

  • All filing cabinets and desk drawers MUST be empty, otherwise, they will be left behind and will require a subsequent work order once they are ready.

  • All small items MUST be in boxes.  Trash bags are not suitable moving devices.  If you use plastic tubs for packing, Distribution will not be responsible for broken tubs.  

  • Due to liability insurance issues, we cannot pick up or deliver to any address that is not an Allen ISD campus or facility.

  • Distribution is not responsible for minor and/or cosmetic damages to district-owned property. 

  • Copiers are leased through a third-party vendor and only that vendor can move the copiers.  If you need a copier move scheduled, please contact Purchasing.

  • If you need to make any changes or send clarifications to your work order, please email the Distribution staff and include the work order number.