The student's condition must necessitate that the medication be given during school hours.

Medications are kept in the school clinic and administered by the school nurse or authorized staff. Medication procedures remain the same when a student attends class at more than one campus during the school day. Please ask your pharmacist for extra Rx bottles to use at all campuses attended.

A signed Medication Request and Authorization from the parent/guardian is required for each medication. Medication must be in the original properly labeled container with clear and legible instructions. Medication that is past the expiration date or has a prescription date that has expired will not be accepted. Medication in baggies, or medication sent only in blister packs, will not be accepted.

All controlled medication must be brought to the school clinic by the parent/guardian. Medication will be entered into inventory by the parent/guardian and the school nurse or campus-authorized staff.

In some instances, a physician's signature or a physician’s order may be required on the Medication Request and Authorization. Please ask your school nurse if you have questions.

Homeopathic medication, dietary supplements, and herbal supplements will only be given in accordance with Allen ISD Board Policies FFAC (LEGAL) and FFAC (LOCAL).