Attendance Boundary Adjustment

  • Attendance Boundary graphic
  • Allen ISD is in the process of examining and adjusting its elementary attendance boundaries. This process is being done for a number of reasons which include:

    • declining enrollment at several schools,
    • growing enrollment at several schools,
    • the transition to full-day prekindergarten, and
    • financial efficiency needs.

    Allen ISD officials presented demographic trends, enrollment forecasts, and capacity threshold information to the Board of Trustees at public meetings in May of 2022 and August of 2022. In August, Allen ISD solicited participation for community members to join the Attendance Boundary Adjustment Committee. The committee met on two occasions in September to provide feedback on attendance zone proposals. The committee was composed of more than 70 parents, community members, and Allen ISD staff representing every campus in the District. For community members who could not participate in the committee, Allen ISD also offered the opportunity to provide input through a survey that was open to the public.

    Allen ISD is committed to providing timely information to our community members. More information about the Attendance Boundary Adjustment process can also be found in the following emails sent to parents and staff:

Oct. 6 Attendance Boundary Adjustment Meeting Video

Frequently Asked Questions

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