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Foster Care in Texas

On any given day, there are approximately 16,000 school-aged children and youth in Texas schools who are in foster care. Texas children and youth in foster care comprise a small percentage of the total student population yet face unique challenges that greatly impact success in the school environment. Before entering foster care, children and youth may have lived in chaotic home environments, experienced physical or emotional trauma, attended school sporadically, or had parents or family members who were unable to meet their physical and emotional needs.

Foster Children/Youth in AISD

Each Allen ISD campus has a Campus Champion designated to assist foster parents and students with their educational needs. 

Foster students are entitled to remain in the school where enrolled at the time they entered substitute care until they transition from that building level (elementary to middle or middle to high school) as long as the foster care provider is willing to ensure the student’s transportation. 

Documentation required for enrolling a student who is in Foster Care:

  • Foster parents are required upon enrollment to submit a Form 2085E or court order showing the student is in the care and custody of DFPS and has been placed with the person completing the enrollment.

  • Students in foster or substitute care must be enrolled immediately even if they lack the required documents.

  • Students who are enrolled with a Form 2085E or Court Order showing they are in the care and custody of DFPS automatically qualify for free lunch and are coded in the Student Skyward system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is in Foster Care?

The term foster care refers to all children and youth who are in the custody of the State of Texas due to abuse and/or neglect, regardless of their living arrangement.

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